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Progettazione e realizzazione dei materiali didattici per “Biblioteche nelle Scuole”: Learning Object SCORM


In a cooperative working environment it is fundamental to find new quality content packaging methods delivering appropriate tools and the needed specific knowledge. In the “Biblioteche nelle Scuole” project this key consideration has been applied to the specialization course (the 'Program') that school librarians have to attend to be part of the National Library System (SBN - Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale). The Program is addressed to numerous and diverse groups of people located throughout the country. The deriving structural and organisational implications have influenced the course planning, both in terms of content and learning materials. The teaching modules have been realized as 'Learning Object', which are SCORM compliant, interactive, exhaustive and adaptable to specific objectives. The Learning Object are always accessible self-study mode, allowing a complete independence of the student.


Formazione, E-Learning, Learning Object, Biblioteche, Scuole, SBN, Sebina, SBN Unix client/server, Blended Learning.

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