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Sportello unificato di Help Desk del progetto Biblioteche nelle Scuole


The help within the Biblioteche nelle Scuole project (which aims at integrating school libraries into the Servizio bibliotecario Nazionale) has become remarkably important. A complete assistance system has constantly moni-tored and helped all the participants. Such system is able to answer any request, thanks to the cooperation of the three organising consortia (CILEA, CASPUR, CINECA), the Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione and other experts. The help desk was structured into several addresses, according to specific topics, all reachable from a unified por-tal.


Assistenza, Help desk, Formazione, Repository, Biblioteche, Biblioteca scolastica, Scuole, SBN, Sebina, SBN Unix client/server, Virtual reference desk, Biblioscuole

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