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DSpace e System Integration: soluzioni innovative per le tesi di dottorato


Doctoral theses often represent the upper edge of academic research activities. As such, they deserve the highest visibility and dissemination opportunities, for the benefit of their authors and the supporting institutions. Their impact would also contribute to prevent the marginalization of Italian research in the European and world-wide context. Changes in norms and rules are also driving universities towards automation of processes and adoption of digital formats. In this situation universities look for software solutions that can be integrated in their information environment, contribute to the automation of the archiving process and provide theses with high visibility on the net. CILEA fulfills these needs with the OA module of the SURplus suite, customized for the specific treatment of dissertations.


Tesi di dottorato, Deposito legale, Open Access, Repository Istituzionali, Shibboleth, OAI-PMH, DIDL

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