Almanacco SBN. News sui servizi CILEA per i Poli SBN: luglio-settembre 2008


In the quarter just ended, a lot of activities were carried out by CILEA team providing support to SBN poles. In particular, for the Polo USM, that is moving to Sebina OL, CILEA has made the first and important activity essential to the success of the process. Other important activities were carried out for the pole Unix client / server (two UNIMARC imports, both completed successfully) and the pole LO2 (customization of the OPAC for the Library of the Regional Council of Lombardia).


Università degli studi di Pavia, UNIMARC, Import UNIMARC, SBN, SBN Unix C/S, SBN Unix client/server, Polo MIL, Polo università lombarde, Polo LIG, Polo regione Liguria, Polo USM, Polo università statale di Milano, Sebina, Sebina OL, Bibliowin, ILS, Bi

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