Almanacco SBN. News sui servizi CILEA per i Poli SBN: gennaio - giugno 2008


The Almanacco SBN is born as a column that will try to bring up to date and to inform on the diverse services offered by CILEA to the outsourced SBN poles. This column, as a result of the collaboration of all the people involved in the SBN teams, is designed to inform the users in the most clear, exhaustive and quick way. [en]To make easier the reading of the Almanacco, the news are divided into three sections depending on the software used in the referential pole (SBN Unix client/server, SBN Sebina and Bibliowin). Each section presents its news (in the parts Eventi e news and Nuove adesioni) and short deepenings to know in the details the SBN poles managed by CILEA (section: Le biblioteche si raccontano). At the end of the column there will be a short bibliography to go deeper in the examined themes.


SBN; SBN Unix C/S; SBN Unix client/server; Sebina; Bibliowin; ILS; Biblioteche scolastiche

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