Supercalcolo a portal that interviews its users


The paper presents a new feature the CILEA supercomputing portal has been provided with. The feature aims at enhancing the portal user-profiling skills. It adds to other Artificial Intelligence features the portal is already endowed with. The feature consists in the capability of interviewing users about their work activities in order to collect fine grained profile data. The need of this feature is motivated by the following problem. Very often it happens that some initially acquired (from the user) information is not sufficient to infer the user interests with low uncertainty. So the portal has to ask the user further questions, questions whose answers may require a certain mental effort from the user. These questions cannot therefore be asked all and indistinctly at the same time. In fact, given that each question entails a trade-off between expected benefit and expected disturb effect, the problem of sequential asking, driven by the criterion of the most opportune question, arises. The new portal feature represents a solution to such a problem. The framework of the Value of Information Theory based on Shannon’s Entropy underlies the adopted solution.


Supercalcolo; web-portal; personalization; user profile; supercomputing

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