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SBBL/CILEA a Metacrawler Service


SBBL/CILEA Metacrawler is an in-house developed service that proposes as integrator of database and distributed resources in the within of the Digital Libraries. SBBL/CILEA Metacrawler service performs querying and using local or remote databases like if they were web services using their gateway interfaces; for example: Medline (NLM PubMed) as remote database, Cancerlit and Cinahl as information resources on CILEA servers. SBBL/CILEA Metacrawler service performs suggesting to the final customer the greater number of link directed to the primary resources and it gives more relevance to CILEA digital library services: Elsevier catalog, Kluwer, ISI Current Contents. It has been realized an original and personal interface application that allowed a professional retrieval on the available databases, the management of the queries done and a Linkout function to redirect toward the full-text resources. SBBL/CILEA Metacrawler service is offering to Italian researchers and universities the possibility to use in a unified view different databases for searching and several mirrors for accessing to full-text resources.


Beni culturali, Sanità, Medicina, Digital Library

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